About me

My name is Dawn Owen and I started painting pets a couple of years ago, after getting our Labrador, Charlie. I used to paint landscapes and seascapes as a hobby but after moving from Anglesey in North Wales to Worcestershire, life got busy, work was stressful, and I didn’t have time to paint. So after 25 years working for the NHS, I realised that I needed to change my work-life balance and gave up the day job! I now spend my days painting, doing a bit of other freelance stuff (yep, there are bills to pay!) and most importantly, enjoying time with Charlie – usually walking him on the beautiful Malvern Hills.

Dawn Owen Artist Dawn Owen Artist and owner of Clebran.com

My painting journey

I am a self-taught artist and love the fact that every time I paint, I learn something new. My inspiration comes from the natural world and of course our beautiful pets!
Although I was fairly late taking up art, I remember watching TV programmes as a child and being awe inspired by Take Hart, Paint Along with Nancy (and one other who will remain nameless!);  a bit later The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross reignited my love of painting. More recently, I find myself drawn to the skills and easy tutorship of Andrew Tischler, Michael James Smith, and the late Leonid Afremov.